Gleaston Recreation Ground and Village Hall Committee

Minutes of online meeting of Tuesday 22nd December 2020 7.00pm

Barbara Birch (Chair), John Lee (Treasurer), Mike Brereton (Sec), Paul Segalini, Leigh Furlong, Dee Pepper, Chris Brown, Maria Murray, Jean Hunt,
Apologies: Lorna Low,

Agreed minutes of the AGM

Matters Arising:

Reviewed remaining work to complete.
New spars Ready Seats are sanded but should have a coat of linseed oil Running boards.
Paul S will help with running boards in conjunction with MikeB
Nuts, bolts and other hardware needed - JL to order CB is fettling square plates.
Complete in New Year. With 4 of us

Review remaining work to complete.
Wiring and switches
Agreed to finish hall and kitchen and then move to toilets and lobby.
PS will help.
BB will ask Chris Doughty and others to help.
Commission and test Volunteers: MB, CB, PS, CD?
Early new year

Kitchen ceiling is bad, worse than hall.
BB suggested plastic ceiling, and will get quote.

£10,000 grant idea
JH suggested a pavilion.
Field fencing needs renewing.
Wm Bowes to inspect and quote.

Parking at triangle
Review remaining work to complete.
MB said we have materials except for slate crush.
To be done by Wm Bowes with assistance from MB and PS.
Wm Bowes has an accident before Christmas and damaged his shoulder but he is recovering well and should be able to start in early Feb.
The plan for the parking was forwarded to Manuela as she requested at the AGM.

Telephone box
MB said that trust deed allows us the acquire assets which will be of benefit to the villagers if agreed by a majority of the committee.
It was agreed by all that we should therefore buy the village phone box for its original sum of £1 from BB and take over its remaining funds and liability for the cost of completing its renovation and running costs.
A report of the remaining work to complete and estimated costs were presented at the AGM by David Wilton.
BB, JL, MB to action

RoW over playground car park
Comments on draft case summary and reply for LR by 8th January 2021
Action for our case summary for the tribunal.
MB to reply

Communication with the villagers:
Villagers are not always made aware of committee plans and decision so it was agreed that edited minutes will be posted on the village website.

Village offer to fund decorating the millennium walk for Christmas only had one response and no action.

Non village dog walkers still causing problems on the green.
CB will renew notices
CB says playground is in use and is keeping sanitiser topped up.
LF told us many courses are being run free by CCC and will provide a link to go on the village FB page

100 Club
Not drawn.

Accounts for the period 1st September to 22nd December had been emailed to committee members prior to the meeting.