.... to the Gleaston Village website. You can use this site to find out all that is happening in Gleaston - from upcoming events, to reading the latest newsletter or even booking the village hall. Simply follow the links above and explore what we have to offer. A quick overview of each section is shown below.


Gleaston prides itself on being an open and active community. The Village committee put on a variety of events throughout the year, both for the enjoyment of the village and to raise money. Information on all the upcoming events can be found by following the 'Events' link above - if you wish to find out more about an event or buy tickets for it then simply fill in the form on that page.

The 100 Club

Win £20, £10 or £5 each month with the 100 Club - Speek to any Committee Member for Details

The Playground

Gleaston prides itself on having one of the best play grounds in the area. Email

Do you fancy a personalised '' email? You could have as your email address - follow the link at the top to find out more.

The Village Hall

Following a large refurbishment project in 2005, Gleaston now boasts a 100% disability friendly village hall with superb facilities. To find out what we can offer, hire rates and availability simply click on the link above.